Lisa Griffiths


Dr Lisa J. Griffiths

Lisa is an esteemed professional with a profound passion for leadership development and organisational transformation. With 30 years of experience in the non-government (NGO) and public sector across three continents, Lisa brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical insights to her role as Chief Executive Officer at OzChild.

A dynamic, people focused and caring professional, Lisa provides senior executive leadership with large, diverse, complex NGOs and community-based organisations to deliver services to the community that concentrate on improving the lives of children and families, people with disabilities, at-risk youth and the culturally diverse.

Lisa has extensive regulatory experience in health and safety and working with communities in emergency management having been heavily involved in the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission, giving evidence on Land Use Planning that resulted in planning reform within Victoria and was recognised with the National Emergency Services Medal.

With a Doctorate in Business Leadership from The Australian Graduate School of Leadership, Torrens University, for her thesis on an Evidence-Based Ethical Leadership Model for the Community Services Sector, Lisa developed the Leadership PASS program, aimed at building stronger and more effective leaders within all sectors, and openly shares her knowledge of evidence-based decision making, and leadership in the hope of setting others up for success. Lisa holds fellowships with the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Centre for Evidence Based Management.

Throughout her career, Lisa has been instrumental in introducing primary prevention programs and community awareness projects that address long term strategic needs and objectives of the community, as well as delivering tangible outcomes for a diverse range of interest groups and stakeholders.

Lisa has demonstrated success in leading organisations in delivering client focused services, behaviour change programs, people focused organisational change, strategic planning, crisis and issues management, policy development, project management and large-scale community centric programs.

With an ability to connect theory with real-world challenges, Lisa has become a sought-after voice in the field of evidence-based leadership development.