You have had a successful interview and have been shortlisted for the CEO role of a substantial organisation — you now believe you have a good chance. Do you await a decision? Absolutely not.

Based on the joint experience of the head of a recruiting organisation working with an international high-tech Advisory Group and an experience CEO advisor, it is critical that you send by courier by the next day the following package:

  1. Your customised “Value Proposition Statement” summarising the specific capabilities you have developed based on past performance and achievements that are relevant to tackling the organisation’s key identified challenges (ideally one page).

    The interview will have given you additional insights beyond your initial preparation into actions that need to be taken by the organisation. You now have a chance to restate your “Value Proposition Statement” in customised terms that reflect more deeply and are more relevant to the reality of the organisation concerned.

  2. A selective listing of your capabilities noted in item 1 above, together with your past achievements that have resulted from the deployment of these capabilities, confirmed by extracts or summaries of endorsements from previous senior executives you reported to or senior representatives of customers served (ideally one page).
  3. As a reminder, include your full CV package previously submitted, including photocopies of degrees and any training courses that support your customised value proposition.

Note – The above package should only be sent when the interview process has been completed. It should only be sent the Board Chairman or person appointed by the board to be responsible for the CEO appointment process. All other appointment process participants should be sent thank you notes.