Dion Accoto

Dr Accoto has worked all of his life in the law.  Starting in the law at the age of 18, and becoming a barrister at the age of 27.  He was admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 1999.  He was also admitted to the High Court of Australia that year.  Dr Accoto signed the roll of legal practitioners in August of 1999, his admission being moved by his master lawyer at that time. Dr Accoto has represented and advised government, corporations, politicians, other lawyers and individuals. His doctoral thesis was on the lack of leadership in the legal profession in New South Wales, focusing on how the lives of lawyers could be improved, and how the delivery of legal services could become less focused on money, and more focused on a sustainable delivery of a top tier service, with a collaborative approach, bringing together the most brilliant of legal minds, QC’s and the like to solve what is often the most stressful time in clients’ lives. Dr Accoto has stripped away the pompus approach to the law, and believes that people need to be treated in an egalitarian fashion, collaboratively working on finding a solution to any given problem. 

‘As I approach the age of 50 (written in 2019) I have come to appreciate how important empathy is.  My research* and experience has led me to the finding that people who have taken the time to invest in themselves,  who have come to appreciate the importance of self improvement, who have an appreciation for what empathy truly means and how important it is, bring a fresh and breathtaking approach to any industry as I have done in the law.’

* The Good Shepherd – Dr Dion Accoto